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Grandstream's GWN7665 Wi-Fi 6E Access Point Now at Streakwave

Explore Grandstream's GWN7665 Wi-Fi 6E Access Point at Streakwave. Unleash fast, reliable connectivity and seamless cloud management for your business.

Grandstream has released the GWN7665 Wi-Fi 6E Access Point. This new AP offers a significant upgrade in network performance. This device not only brings fast, reliable connectivity to your clients but also, when integrated with the free platform, unlocks its full potential for optimal operation and management. This launch signifies a leap forward in enhancing wireless network capabilities with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

The new GWN7665 is now available at Streakwave.

GWN 7665 Banner Image

Key Highlights:

  • Next-Gen Wi-Fi: The GWN7665, Grandstream's latest Wi-Fi 6E access point, is engineered for businesses in need of a robust wireless network.

  • Enterprise-Grade Performance: With support for high user density, the advanced Wi-Fi 6E technology ensures fast, reliable connections.

  • Seamless Management: Thanks to integration with, network setup, monitoring, and management are streamlined and accessible from anywhere.

Why Choose GWN7665?

  • Enhanced network speed and capacity
  • Improved efficiency for business operations
  • Cloud management offers real-time insights and control

GWN 7665 Wi-Fi 6E Datasheet

Discover the transformative potential of the GWN7665 for your business network. For more information and to request a custom quote, visit our website.

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