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Grandstream Networks Releases New 48-Port Layer 3 Network Switches

Discover Grandstream's GWN7816 & GWN7816P switches for robust networking enhancing business IT & networking infrastructures.

Grandstream Networks, a leader in unified communications and networking solutions, has announced the expansion of their GWN7810 series with the release of the GWN7816 and GWN7816P network switches. This announcement, made on December 6th, 2023, not only introduces advanced Layer 3 Managed Network Switches into the market but also marks these cutting-edge devices available for purchase through Streakwave Wireless. Aimed at empowering medium-to-large enterprises, these switches are set to redefine scalable, secure, and smart business networks.


The GWN7816 and GWN7816P are engineered with precision to cater to demanding business environments, boasting 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 6 Gigabit SFP+ ports, and a suite of enhanced features. They offer comprehensive network control, robust security measures, and multiple management options, ensuring a high-performance, reliable networking experience. The GWN7816P additionally provides 48 PoE ports with smart power control, ideal for powering a wide array of devices.

Diving deeper into the capabilities of the GWN7816 and GWN7816P, these switches support advanced VLAN for flexible traffic segmentation and advanced QoS for prioritization of network traffic, ensuring smooth and efficient network operations. The devices' reliability is further enhanced by features like fault detection, device protection, dual boot, dual system file redundancy, link aggregation, storm control, and hot-swappable power supply modules for uninterrupted operation.

For a detailed exploration of the full capabilities and specifications, download the datasheet and see how these switches can transform your enterprise network.

Grandstream's commitment to excellence extends beyond just network switches to a full suite of solutions that integrate networking with Unified Communications (UC) and VoIP deployments. Their innovative approach ensures that businesses not only have a robust networking foundation but also a seamless, interconnected environment conducive to modern work dynamics. With wired and wireless solutions that are easy to manage and deploy, Grandstream ensures your communications and networking are not just operational but optimized for efficiency, flexibility, and growth.

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