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Product Announcements

New Product Released from Grandstream: Introducing the GWN7603

Explore the new GWN7603 from Grandstream, a state-of-the-art compact Wi-Fi access point designed for optimal connectivity.

Grandstream has recently unveiled its latest product, the GWN7603, a compact and powerful Wi-Fi access point tailored for diverse environments. Learn more about the GWN7603. We're excited to announce that this cutting-edge technology is now available.


The GWN7603 is engineered for exceptional performance, supporting up to 1.27Gbps wireless speeds and over 100 concurrent clients. Its dual-band capability ensures a reliable connection with extensive coverage, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. Enhanced security features safeguard your data, while setup and management are simplified through intuitive controls.


802.11ac Wave-2 Wi-Fi Access Point


A compact Wi-Fi access point with 4 Gigabit ports, including PoE support. It offers 1.27Gbps wireless throughput, up to 100 meters coverage, and advanced security features supporting over 100 Wi-Fi clients.

The partnership between Grandstream and Streakwave continues to bring top-tier networking solutions to our customers. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current setup or tackle new challenges, we are here to help you complete your project and more. With products like the GWN7603, we ensure that your connectivity needs are met with the latest technology.

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