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Grandstream Ushers in a New Era of Connectivity: The Groundbreaking GWN7662 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

Discover Grandstream's groundbreaking GWN7662 Wi-Fi 6 access point. Offering blazing-fast speeds up to 5.38 Gbps, support for 256 concurrent clients, advanced QoS, and more, it's the ultimate choice for modern, dense network environments. Now available at Streakwave.

Grandstream Ushers in a New Era of Connectivity: The Groundbreaking GWN7662 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, Now Available at Streakwave

In a world where connectivity is paramount, Grandstream continues to break new ground in wireless networking. For over two decades since their inception in 2002, Grandstream has connected the globe with their award-winning unified communications and networking solutions. The latest feather in their cap is the newly released GWN7662, an 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 access point expertly designed to deliver unmatched performance, speed, and coverage.

Now available at Streakwave, this revolutionary device promises to redefine your wireless connectivity experience.

The GWN7662 is a powerful device, designed to support Wi-Fi speeds that can reach a staggering 5.38 Gbps. Along with this impressive speed, the GWN7662 boasts a number of key features such as 4x4:4 MU-MIMO (5GHz), support for 256 concurrent clients, a 175-meter range, advanced QoS, and an integrated 2.5G network port. These features make it an ideal choice for wireless deployments in environments with medium-to-high user density.

Enhanced Network Management with Grandstream

The GWN7662 offers an assortment of flexible installation and management options, backed by Grandstream’s cloud and on-premise Wi-Fi management platform, GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager. These platforms simplify network management across multiple locations. The GWN7662 also features a controller-less network management architecture, with the controller embedded within the product’s web user interface for easy administration of locally deployed Wi-Fi APs.

With its advanced technology such as 4x4:4 MU-MIMO with DL/UL OFDMA on the 5GHz band, 2x2:2 MU-MIMO on the 2.4GHz band, and a sophisticated internal antenna design, the GWN7662 ensures maximum network throughput and expanded Wi-Fi coverage range. This device, running on Wi-Fi 6 technology, is perfect for modern, dense network environments that need reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi connections.

Unleashing Wi-Fi 6 in Diverse Environments

Large Office Complexes

The GWN7662 is an ideal solution for enterprise-level or large office complexes that require the fastest possible Wi-Fi speeds to boost productivity. With Wi-Fi 6 support and speeds up to 5.38 Gbps, it ensures seamless connectivity while supporting over 256 clients per device. Additionally, GWN series APs can be configured to form a mesh network to provide better coverage in difficult-to-reach areas.

Small-to-Medium Offices

For small-to-medium sized offices that depend on Wi-Fi for daily operations, the GWN7662 offers unprecedented benefits. It supports the fastest speeds of any GWN AP, with up to 5.38 Gbps. This makes it perfect for video meetings, large file transfers, streaming media access, and more. The GWN7662, running on Wi-Fi 6 technology, is specifically designed to maximize quality and speeds in dense Wi-Fi environments.

Campuses & Convention Centers

Colleges, schools, hotels, and convention centers can significantly benefit from the GWN7662. These environments rely heavily on Wi-Fi for most communications and need to provide fast and reliable network access. With its impressive speed of up to 5.38 Gbps and the support of the most advanced Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6, the GWN7662 is an excellent choice for high-density Wi-Fi networks that require maximum speeds and client support.

In an era where reliable, high-speed connectivity is non-negotiable, Grandstream's GWN7662 shines as a high-performance, enterprise-grade solution. Its state-of-the-art design, high performance, and advanced features make it the perfect choice for any environment in need of robust, reliable, and fast Wi-Fi network. Upgrade your connectivity with the GWN7662 available today at Streakwave.

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