Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Wave 2 Promotion with EnGenius

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Must submit the form to be considered for pricing. There is no blanket pricing loaded - if the form is not
received from the customer, special pricing will not be valid. Must meet a minimum of 5 Wave 2 products
on the same order. Can be any combination of qualified products to meet the minimum. 10% is based on
dealer cost. Promotion runs from 10/1/2018 - 12/31/2018. DMR accounts do not qualify. When the form
is submitted a review will be made and if the customer does not qualify they will be notified.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ubiquiti UFiber 3.0 Release – New Advanced Features for Robust Hardware

Ubiquiti UFiber products help operators quickly and successfully become FISPs by providing a disruptively priced yet robust hardware platform designed for ease of deployment. The hard-working UFiber team marks a new milestone with the following advanced features in UFiber 3.0 which will help operators achieve even greater success:
  • Traffic Shaping from OLT
  • Management VLAN on SFP+
  • DHCP option 82 Provisioning
  • Client Isolation
Traffic Shaping using the OLT
This long-awaited feature allows for implementing bandwidth control directly on the OLT and eliminates the need for an expensive core router to handle traffic shaping. It is now even easier to limit the bandwidth to the customer’s subscription level.

Management VLAN

Previously it was required to have a physical connection to the management port on the OLT for access. We have now added a management VLAN option to the SFP+ port to allow for both management and network traffic on a single port.

DHCP Option 82

For increased security and ease of deployment, we have added the option to use DHCP Option 82. Toggling this option on in the OLT will cause ONUs to add identifying information to the DHCP packet. With a properly configured DHCP server, this information can also assign IPs based on the location of the ONU.

Client Isolation

The default OLT setting prevents ONUs from accessing each other. Version 3.0 allows turning client isolation on or off for those situations where you would like traffic to pass between PONs.