(Webinar Replay): Explore Multi-site Deployment Methods Using Grandstream UCM6200 Series IP PBXs

Discover advanced multi-site deployment techniques with Grandstream's webinar, focusing on SIP trunks, LDAP sync, eventless BLF, and efficient UCM setup.

Watch the replay of Grandstream Networks webinar covering multi-site office deployment using the UCM6200 series.

In a recent insightful webinar, Grandstream Networks delved into the complexities of multi-site deployment, offering valuable lessons for businesses looking to expand their communication networks. The 30-minute session, led by industry expert Abdel, focused primarily on creating SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) peer trunks and enabling LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) synchronization, along with configuring eventless BLF (Busy Lamp Field) on IP phones.



One of the key takeaways was the emphasis on the seamless integration of multiple Unified Communication Managers (UCMs) across different sites. Abdel demonstrated how to create and manage SIP trunks between UCMs, a crucial step in linking various locations under a unified network. This process not only simplifies management but also enhances the reliability and efficiency of communication across different branches.

Another highlight was the discussion on LDAP sync, a feature that allows UCMs to exchange directory information. This enables extensions from one UCM to recognize and display contact information from another, fostering a more connected and informed communication environment.

The webinar also covered the practical application of eventless BLF on IP phones, a feature that reduces network traffic while allowing users to monitor the status of extensions across different sites. This functionality is particularly beneficial for organizations with extensive phone networks, ensuring efficient call management and quick response times.

Overall, the Grandstream webinar was a testament to the company's commitment to advancing communication technologies and providing scalable solutions for businesses. For those managing multi-site networks, the insights offered are invaluable for enhancing connectivity and operational efficiency.


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