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Product Announcements

Introducing the Mesh++, The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor WiFi

Introducing the S618 by Mesh++ and Streakwave: A solar-powered, rugged mesh router for reliable WiFi in remote, challenging outdoor environments.

Introducing the Mesh++, The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor WiFi

Streakwave teams up with Mesh++ to provide a solar-powered, all-in-one mesh router for remote and challenging environments.

Mesh++ and Streakwave are thrilled to announce their partnership and the launch of the Mesh++ S618 - a solar-powered all-in-one mesh router that brings WiFi to outdoor spaces, even in remote or challenging environments.

The S618 is a self-configuring and modular solution ideal for any last-mile application. With the S618, wireless integrators can enjoy the versatility of a single unit that can fulfill any outdoor application with a distributed wireless network that is almost impossible to take down.

This ruggedized router is perfect for a wide range of outdoor applications, including remote or rural connectivity, outdoor festivals, ag-tech, construction sites, school campuses, and border security. The S618 features a range of impressive specs, including:

  • Can power secondary radios, cameras, or other equipment over active or passive PoE
  • Rapidly deployable in just a few minutes with no expertise required
  • Integrated 4G or 5G cellular backhaul
  • Broad coverage and scalability - range up to 1,000 ft. line-of-sight
  • High performance and speed - up to 700 Mbps speed and support for up to 500 users
  • Waterproof and drop-tested to 20 feet
  • Versatile - can be powered via solar, USB-C, PoE, or a DC adapter; battery life up to 10 days without sun
  • Secure - encrypted mesh and WPA3 encryption for clients
  • User-friendly - intuitive app and network management dashboard with mapped scans and visualization tools easy for anyone to understand (including read-only access for stakeholders)
  • Integrates with other systems - can gain ingress or egress connectivity from any secondary PoE radio; monitoring via SNMP or the Mesh++ dashboard
  • Spectrum of optional additions: LoRaWAN modem, 4x4 WiFi 6E radio, 4G LTE / 5G cellular modem, 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet, 12/24V, 802.3af/at PoE Injector, GPS

The S618 is available to ship in cellular and non-cellular configurations, with or without external N-type connectors (for applications with a range of over 400 ft.), and including the optional additions listed above. To learn more, visit the Mesh++ page on the Streakwave site.

With the Mesh++ S618, it's easier than ever to bring WiFi to outdoor spaces. Whether you need to connect a remote construction site or provide WiFi at an outdoor event, the S618 offers the flexibility, scalability, and reliability you need to get the job done.

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