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Streakwave Partners with Vilo Living to Offer Innovative Mesh Wi-Fi Solutions

Streakwave, a leading global distributor of wireless networking equipment, is excited to announce its partnership with Vilo Living. Discover the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System, an innovative solution for whole-home coverage and seamless connectivity. Enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and support ISP and business growth with this comprehensive Wi-Fi hardware and remote management solution.

Streakwave Partners with Vilo Living to Offer Innovative Mesh Wi-Fi Solutions

We have exciting news for Streakwave customers! We're delighted to announce the addition of Vilo Living to our vendor card. Starting May 22nd, you can purchase the highly acclaimed Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System, and soon, the Vilo 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System through Streakwave.

By partnering with Vilo Living, Streakwave can offer a comprehensive Wi-Fi hardware and remote management solution designed to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and support the growth of ISPs and other businesses.

Meet Vilo Living

Vilo Living is a trailblazing company dedicated to making reliable Wi-Fi accessible and affordable for everyone. With a team of experienced professionals from the networking and technology industries, Vilo Living develops innovative Wi-Fi solutions, such as the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System, which delivers exceptional performance at a competitive price. By streamlining operations and focusing on essential features, they remain committed to their mission of providing high-quality, cost-effective Wi-Fi systems for all. 

Their products are designed to cater to various use cases and customer profiles, making them a versatile addition to any ISP.

Overview of the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System

The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System is a unique and innovative networking solution. With their preconfigured mesh design, Vilos can quickly be deployed without any hassle and set up with the Vilo App, saving ISPs time and resources. The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System boasts impressive speed, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted internet access. Its compact design allows for discreet placement, seamlessly blending with any home or office décor. These standout features make the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System an attractive choice for those aiming to deliver an exceptional user experience. 

A Quick Look at the Vilo App

The Vilo App is a free subscriber-facing app that enhances users’ experience with their home networks. With the app, users can: 

  • Manage devices 
  • Create guest networks 
  • Set up Bark In-Home Parental Controls 
  • View data usage 
  • Optimize channel selection 
  • Check network status 

The App is also a powerful tool for ISPs and technicians as it goes hand-in-hand with the Vilo ISP Management Portal. 

Network Management Made Easy

The Vilo ISP Management Portal is a web-based portal that allows ISPs to monitor and troubleshoot their networks remotely, putting them behind the wheel of their networks and not their trucks. From the Vilo ISP Portal, ISPs can do the following: 

  • Check and manage SSID, password, network status, IP, MAC, etc. 
  • Remotely push & schedule firmware upgrades, restarts, & factory resets 
  • View connected devices & their signal strength 
  • Run speed checks and view speed history 
  • Detect interference & change channels and channel width 

The Vilo ISP Portal was designed by ISPs for ISPs. Contact Streakwave sales rep to register for an ISP Portal account.

Vilo Living and Streakwave Partnership

The partnership with Vilo Living further strengthens our product offerings and reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective Wi-Fi solutions. Explore the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System now available at Streakwave and elevate your Wi-Fi experience today. 

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