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Product Announcements

Grandstream Unveils the GCC6010 Series: An All-in-One Networking Solution

Discover the GCC6010 Series by Grandstream, an all-in-one solution combining VPN router, firewall, IP PBX, and network switch/Wi-Fi AP. Join our webinar on July 10th!

Grandstream has announced their new GCC6010 Series, a groundbreaking all-in-one solution that integrates the functionalities of four essential products: a VPN router, next-generation firewall, IP PBX, and network switch/Wi-Fi AP. This series is designed to meet the comprehensive needs of small-to-medium businesses. Learn more about the GCC6010 Series or attend our upcoming webinar. 

GCC6010 Series

The GCC6010 Series offers an exceptional all-in-one solution

  • VPN Router: Secure and manage VPN networks with speeds up to 3Gbps.
  • Next-Generation Firewall: Protect with VB100 Grade-A anti-malware certification, advanced attack defense, AI-based DPI, and sophisticated content filtering.
  • IP PBX: Leverage a robust communication platform with audio/video meetings, calls, conferences, chat, instant messaging, and more.
  • Network Switch/Wi-Fi Access Point: Choose models with integrated network switches or built-in dual-band Wi-Fi 6 AP for comprehensive connectivity.

These features ensure unified management and control of all Grandstream endpoint solutions, providing a seamless and powerful performance.


Grandstream Networks GCC6010 IPPBX+5xGigE Switch


An all-in-one solution with 5 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 SFP ports, PoE, 2.5Gbps VPN, 900Mbps firewall, 160K connections, 12 user PBX, ideal for small-to-medium businesses.


Grandstream Networks GCC6010W IPPBX+5xGigE Switch+WiFi 6


A comprehensive device featuring 5 Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6, 3Gbps VPN, 900Mbps firewall, 160K connections, 12 user PBX, perfect for small-to-medium businesses.


Grandstream Networks GCC6011 IPPBX+10xGigE Switch


An advanced solution with 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 SFP ports, PoE, 2.5Gbps VPN, 900Mbps firewall, 160K connections, 12 user PBX, suited for robust network needs.



Grandstream's Powerful New Convergence Solutions Revealed

Attend our webinar on July 17th as we discuss Grandstream's new convergence solution! We will cover Grandstream's best-selling networking solutions and how to integrate these products to build a reliable networking solution. 

July 17, 2024, 2:00 PM ET

Grandstream and Streakwave's partnership continues to deliver top-tier solutions. The GCC6010 Series exemplifies our commitment to providing powerful, integrated communication and networking products to meet your project needs. Connect with us today to explore how this innovative solution can enhance your operations.


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