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Product Announcements

Introducing MDS Link: Transforming Existing Coaxial Infrastructure into High-Speed Networks

Discover MDS Link's MaGiC-SFP™ modules at Streakwave for efficient network upgrades using existing coaxial infrastructure. Enhance data speeds up to 2.5Gbps without costly rewiring.

Streakwave is excited to announce the addition of MDS Link to our vendor line card. MDS Link specializes in leveraging existing infrastructure to enhance last-mile data services with their flagship product, the MaGiC-SFP™. Utilizing MoCA technology, these modules tap into existing coaxial cables, enabling data speeds of up to 2.5Gbps without the need for costly new wiring.


The three MaGiC SFP™ modules from MDS Link are now available at Streakwave, representing a blend of modern technology with practical application. They are a smart choice for network enhancements, especially in areas where laying new fiber is impractical or too costly.

The Advantages of the MaGiC-SFP™ Modules:

  • Powerful Data Transmission: These modules are engineered to transform coaxial systems into powerful data transmission networks, supporting symmetrical bandwidths up to 2.5Gbps.
  • Seamless Integration: They seamlessly integrate with SFP and SFP+ ports found on various networking equipment, providing an ideal solution for enhancing service in older buildings or areas where rewiring is impractical.
  • Wide Applications: Perfect for residential apartments, commercial buildings, hotels, and offices, these modules enable internet service providers to deliver high-speed and reliable services across a variety of environments. They facilitate a swift and cost-effective upgrade of internet infrastructure by utilizing existing coaxial cables, thus avoiding the disruptions typically associated with new installations.


"We are continually adding products that meet our customers’ needs and integrate smoothly into existing systems," says Carl Moberg, CEO of Streakwave. "The MaGiC-SFP™ modules from MDS Link exemplify this approach by utilizing existing coaxial cables to upgrade networks efficiently and cost-effectively, complementing products with SFP cages like those from MikroTik and Ubiquiti, without the need for invasive installations."

The introduction of MDS Link's MaGiC-SFP™ modules reinforces our commitment to innovation and customer empowerment. These modules equip our clients with the tools necessary to efficiently enhance their network capabilities and service quality. Discover the transformative potential of the MaGiC-SFP™ at Streakwave and see how it can optimize your connectivity and performance.

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