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Product Announcements

Introducing the Fanvil LINKVIL W610W: A New Era in Wi-Fi IP Phones

Advanced wireless communication with Fanvil's LINKVIL W610W Wi-Fi IP Phone. Now available at Streakwave. Upgrade your business communications this year.

Introducing the LINKVIL W610W

Streakwave is proud to announce the availability of the new LINKVIL W610W, the latest innovation from Fanvil's sub-brand LINKVIL. Known for its focus on A&V-IoT wireless communication products, LINKVIL has continued its tradition of excellence with the introduction of the W610W, following the acclaimed W712 RoIP Gateway and W611W Portable Wi-Fi Phone.


A Glimpse into the W610W's Features

The W610W is a stylish and portable Wi-Fi phone widely used in enterprises, shopping malls, and hotels. It features a 2-inch color screen and 16 programmable DSS keys for speed dial, voice mail, DTMF, multicast, and BLF, enhancing your mobile communication experience.

Key Benefits of the W610W:

  1. Cost-Effective Communication: Operating on IP network communication, the W610W eliminates monthly fees associated with analog communication. It facilitates seamless transregional communication with other IP devices, offering high-quality calls while reducing operational costs.

  2. Seamless Dual-Band Wi-Fi Roaming: Equipped with built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi, the W610W provides fast network transmission speeds. It supports IEEE802.11k/v/r roaming and advanced encryption for seamless network transitions and secure communication.

  3. Timely Alerts for Efficient Work: The vibration function of the W610W ensures you won't miss vital messages or calls, providing timely alerts in situations like meetings or business negotiations.

  4. Outstanding Performance, Enduring Durability: With a robust fall protection height of 1.8 meters and a 1900mAh large capacity detachable battery, the W610W is designed for extended usage, offering 9 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby.

The LINKVIL W610W represents a significant leap forward in wireless IP technology. Streakwave is excited to bring this device to businesses seeking to enhance their communication systems. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the W610W is set to become an essential tool for efficient and reliable communication.

Visit Streakwave to discover more about the Fanvil LINKVIL W610W and how it can transform your communication experience. Join the revolution in wireless communication and elevate your business with the latest in technology and innovation.

What is Fanvil's LINKVIL?

LINKVIL, launched by Fanvil in August 2022, is a sub-brand focused on advanced wireless unified communication. It aims to develop versatile wireless solutions, particularly for challenging environments, enhancing Fanvil's array of high-quality communication devices. LINKVIL embodies the future of seamless, flexible communication across various sectors.

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