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Grandstream Networks and Streakwave Training Events Coming to Atlanta!

Join us in Atlanta this August for comprehensive certification training events hosted by Streakwave and Grandstream Networks. Dive deep into IPPBX systems with the UC Series Certification and master WiFi technologies with the GWN Series. Stand a chance to win a $1500 credit towards Grandstream products. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your wireless tech skills.

Grandstream Networks and Streakwave Training Events Coming to Atlanta!

Our team at Streakwave and Grandstream Networks are thrilled to unveil two in-depth certification training events this August in Atlanta. Participants will have the unique opportunity to engage in hands-on training with Grandstream specialists, ensuring they grasp the complexities of unified communication (UC) and networking solutions.

UC Series Certification

Scheduled for August 23rd, the UC Series Certification course is a deep dive into our state-of-the-art IPPBX system. This session will guide you through the installation, setup, deployment, and continued maintenance of Grandstream's products.

Under the expert guidance of Grandstream's Senior Technical Trainer, Abdel Jaibar, attendees will navigate the multifaceted functionalities and attributes of our UCM series IPPBX. With a series of hands-on labs and practical exercises, participants will gain the confidence and expertise to tackle the Grandstream Certified Professional - UC Solutions exam, taken right after the course.

A friendly reminder for all potential participants: Completing the Grandstream Certified Specialist - UC Solution (Self-training) is essential before this course.

For the UC Series Certification, the registration fee stands at $350. This price includes equipment (UCM6301, GRP2604, GRP2612P, GS-POE-INJ, and GWN7515) valued at a retail price of $648. As spots are limited, early registration is advisable.

Register for the UC Series Certification here.

GWN Series Certification

On August 24th, we pivot our attention to the Grandstream Certified Professional Networking series certification. Once again, Abdel Jaibar will head the training, granting attendees an in-depth look into setting up, deploying, and maintaining our top-tier WiFi APs, managed switches, and WiFi routers.

The GWN Series Certification delves into:

  • Introduction to the GWN Series
  • Initial Setup and Configuration
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Configuring GWN Features and Functions
  • Exploring various management options

Following the intensive training, participants will face the Networking GCP Exam. Before attending, please ensure you've completed the Grandstream Certified Specialist - Networking Solution (Self-training).

The GWN Series Certification registration fee is $250, inclusive of equipment (GWN7062, GWN7801P, and GWN7660) with a retail value of $413.

Register for the GWN Series Certification here.

Special Offer

For participants who are attending both the UC and GWN Series Certifications, we have a delightful surprise. Alongside the invaluable knowledge and skills you will acquire, one fortunate attendee will stand a chance to win a generous $1500 credit memo towards Grandstream products. Remember, to be eligible for this exciting offer, attendance at both events is mandatory.

We can't emphasize enough the unparalleled chance these events present for attendees to interact with Grandstream Network's team of experts. Not only will you benefit from top-tier training, but you'll also have the chance to discuss, probe, and share experiences with industry professionals.

Streakwave isn't just a distributor. We're a pivotal force in the wireless technology industry, dedicated to innovation, stellar service, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our expansive product catalog, brimming with state-of-the-art wireless products from the industry's giants, cements our position as the prime choice for businesses big and small.

Our team, brimming with expertise, is steadfast in offering clients unparalleled product solutions tailored to their unique requirements. This guarantees effective and personalized support during every step of the acquisition process. Further bolstering our commitment is our vast inventory, ensuring rapid order processing and delivery in the fast-paced domain of wireless technology.

By co-hosting these certification events alongside Grandstream Networks, we at Streakwave are furthering our dedication to advancing wireless technology expertise industry-wide. Both the UC and GWN Series Certification sessions present attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to derive insights from two industry trailblazers and to liaise directly with the Grandstream Network's professional team.

Join us in Atlanta this August! Secure your spot today and let the experts at Streakwave and Grandstream Networks usher you into the future of wireless communication and networking technologies. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with the luminaries of the industry.

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