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An EnGenius Exclusive for Education & Non-Profits: Free Cloud Access Points

Discover the exclusive promotion by Streakwave and EnGenius, offering FREE Cloud Access Points for educational and non-profit sectors. Learn how to claim, qualify, and elevate your organization's digital connectivity.

An EnGenius Exclusive for Education & Non-Profits: Free Cloud Access Points

Streakwave is ecstatic to announce an exclusive promotion in collaboration with EnGenius, crafted especially for educational institutions and non-profit organizations. As the world turns more digital by the day, having robust and reliable connectivity becomes paramount. This is our effort to help you strengthen your network infrastructure!

What’s The Buzz About?

📡 FREE Cloud Access Points: ECW130 & ECW120 📡

In our partnership with EnGenius, we are offering institutions the chance to enhance their connectivity without the hefty price tag. EnGenius, a champion of accessible connectivity, has come forward to support the growth of education and non-profit sectors by providing essential networking solutions.

📁 Download EnGenius Marketing Flyer for this promotion


The Offer Details:

  • Receive up to Five (5) ECW120 or ECW130 Cloud Access Points – Absolutely FREE!

  • Planning on expanding your network reach? Benefit from a staggering 50% Off MSRP on future purchases of these very models!

How Long Do You Have?

Time is of the essence! This exclusive offer is up for grabs only until September 30th, 2023. So, why wait?


Qualify, Claim, and Connect!

Here's what you need to do to get your hands on this fantastic offer:

  1. Become an Authorized Partner: You should be an authorized EnGenius Partner.

  2. Register with Valid Email: Use your organization’s email (ending in .edu or .org) to register the deal.

  3. Limitations: The offer for the five free units is a one-time opportunity per qualifying end-user.

  4. Shipping Details: Worry not about logistics! EnGenius will directly ship the free units to you.

  5. No Hidden Clauses: We promise there's no fine print - no minimum requirements.

Ready to Upgrade?

We, at Streakwave, are deeply committed to assisting organizations in harnessing the power of technology for their noble causes. This collaboration with EnGenius is a testament to our dedication.

For any queries or more insights on this promotion, Streakwave is just a call away. Let's come together and pave the way for a well-connected, empowered future!

Remember: The right tools and technology can redefine how you operate and serve. With Streakwave and EnGenius by your side, you're set to make waves in the digital realm!

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