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EnGenius announces Streakwave Wireless, Inc. as a top tier Authorized Distributor

EnGenius Technologies is pleased to announce that Streakwave Wireless, Inc. will become a top tier distributor for our Wireless LAN divisio...

EnGenius Technologies is pleased to announce that Streakwave Wireless, Inc. will become a top tier distributor for our Wireless LAN division. Some key products will include high-powered indoor and outdoor equipment in the 3220 and 600mW S Series ideal for system integrators looking for high performance, cost effective solutions for their clients.
Streakwave is a leading wireless broadband solutions distributor with a high level of technical expertise, giving them the ability to provide excellent technical support to their clients. Clients will benefit from a knowledgeable tech staff that will be able to help them choose from a multitude of options as well as provide detailed technical support for existing networks. Additionally, with their channel experience, EnGenius can be confident in reaching a broader customer base, as many clients are simply unaware of the benefits of the products that EnGenius product lines offer.
"Streakwave Wireless, Inc. is pleased to have been selected as an additional distributor for the EnGenius Technologies product line. Over the last 2 quarters we have seen an incredible increase in demand for the EnGenius Technologies Datacom product line and now we will be able to provide this top tier manufacturers product line to our growing list of Value Added Resellers", stated Joshua Farlow, VP of Sales. "In addition, we hope to be able to increase the visibility of EnGenius VoIP products as we add them to our product offering."
About EnGenius Technologies, Inc. - USA
EnGenius Technologies is a global technology innovator specializing in long-range telephone, data and VoIP communications. Their award winning Datacom equipment consistently outperforms competitors when it comes to range. Established in 1999, EnGenius Technologies, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senao Networks, a Taiwan RF communications manufacturing company.
Website and contact info: EnGenius Technologies 888-735-7888
About Streakwave Wireless, Inc.
Streakwave Wireless Inc., founded in 2000 by Carl Moberg is a leading Global Value-Added Distributor with facilities in San Jose, CA and Salt Lake City, UT and is proud to offer a complete line of wireless solutions from top tier manufacturers. Streakwave offers equipment, which utilizes both licensed and licensed free frequency bands available for public use. Solutions include; Point-to-Point back hauls, Point to Multipoint systems, WLAN and equipment for all other types of wireless applications. Primarily, Streakwave serves the Educational, Government, Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Security and ISP/WISP markets. For more information about Streakwave Wireless, Inc. please visit www.streakwave.com  

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