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Baicells 2024 Outdoor Starter Kit: A Turnkey Solution for Private LTE Networks

An all-in-one solution designed to quickly establish an outdoor private LTE network.

Baicells introduces an efficient way to deploy private LTE networks outdoors. The 2024 Outdoor Starter Kit is tailored for network managers and system integrators, offering a seamless, cost-effective approach to building robust wireless connectivity.


The starter kit includes:

  • Nova 430i: A powerful eNodeB unit with Carrier Aggregation to maximize bandwidth.
  • Carrier Aggregation License: Enhances downlink capacity, optimizing network performance.
  • Atom OD15G (EG8015-M11): Delivers reliable broadband and voice services outdoors with high-gain efficiency.
  • SNAP PoE Router: Ensures stable Wi-Fi-to-LTE conversions with effective power management.
  • 10 Multi-size SIMs: Facilitates a wide-reaching, compatible setup across various regions.
  • 2-Hour Installation Support: Expert assistance to streamline your initial network setup.
  • BaiCare GOLD is included.
    • 24/7 Support, SLA
    • Email and Phone Support
    • Software Upgrade
    • Hardware Diagnosis
    • All Risks Advanced Replacement with Active Warranty Plan
    • Advanced Replacement 1 Business Day Shipping
    • Permanent Fix 3 Months
    • Top Priority Access Lvl1, Lvl 2, and Lvl 3 Support
    • Service Fee Applied

This starter kit simplifies the expansion of network services, backed by Baicells' trusted support, ensuring a swift and secure network deployment.

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December 7, 2023

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