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Falling In and Out of Love with BEAD

Explore key insights from the Streakwave and Baicells webinar on the BEAD program, its impact on businesses, and strategies for network enhancement.

The recent Streakwave and Baicells webinar delved into the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program. It emphasized the program's significance for businesses, highlighting the need for staying updated with government program changes. Key topics included the NTIA's definition of 'reliable broadband' and the challenges in servicing underserved or unserved areas.


The webinar also explored:

  • Introduction to BEAD: Understanding BEAD's industry impact and its implications for businesses.
  • Impact of BEAD on Businesses: How BEAD funding could affect businesses, especially those with unlicensed networks.
  • Understanding 'Reliable Broadband': The NTIA's criteria for reliable broadband, including various technologies.
  • Coverage and Deployment Issues: The necessity of licensed technologies in underserved or unserved areas.
  • Strategies for Network Protection: Protecting networks against BEAD-funded competition, focusing on CBRS solutions.
  • Baicells' LTE Network Solutions: Demonstrating Baicells’ LTE solutions for effective BEAD program compliance.

For comprehensive insights on BEAD's impact and network enhancement strategies, watch the full webinar.

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