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Introducing the Streakwave Wireless Learning Center

Streakwave Wireless is proud to announce a new addition to our website: the Learning Center . It is dedicated to education within the bro...

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Streakwave Wireless is proud to announce a new addition to our website: the Learning Center. It is dedicated to education within the broadband wireless industry and contains a number of short informative videos, case studies and webinars covering topics in these areas:
  • RF Education
  • Business Education and Case Studies
  • Trainings and Webinars
  • Industry News


About the Learning Center:

We break down education and training information by the technical level of each subject. If you are new to the industry, would like a refresher, or just want to learn new principles in RF and wireless technology, look at Level 1 topics. If you are more advanced and understand foundational principles, but want to learn new materials or be refreshed on the topic, then you will find Level 2 topics more in line with your background.

Your instructors are knowledgeable Streakwave Wireless trainers and industry professionals who have years of experience and can relate to the situations and issues you encounter when architecting and implementing your network and wireless deployments.

Here are just a few of the video titles you can watch:

  • Antenna Basics
  • Antenna Types
  • Antenna Patterns
  • Fresnel Zone
  • Antenna Reciprocity

  • System Operating Margin
  • Aruba Residential Deployment
  • Deployment of Wi-Fi at the Washington Kite Festival
  • Tower Perspective
  • Trade Shows

Click on the video thumbnail below to enjoy "Tower Perspective," an amazing, one-of-a-kind look into the basic safety preparations and equipment it takes to climb an eighty to ninety foot wireless tower. Experience the unique perspective of Ether Web Network field technician Jon Swartz, a California-based Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), as he installs an Ubiquiti sector antenna at the top of a windmill structure.

Be sure to check for periodic additions of new video content. We hope that you enjoy the Streakwave Wireless Learning Center!

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