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Tranzeo Wireless announces Streakwave as a distributor.

MAPLE RIDGE, B.C. -- 12/13/2005 - Streakwave in San Jose, California has been named authorized distributor of Tranzeo's fixed wireless br...

MAPLE RIDGE, B.C. -- 12/13/2005 - Streakwave in San Jose, California has been named authorized distributor of Tranzeo's fixed wireless broadband solutions. With the demand for broadband internet access growing throughout North America expanding our distributor base is an integral part of our marketing plan going forward.
Tranzeo is breaking the barrier often referred to as the "last mile". In these areas, wireless connectivity can provide low-risk, cost-effective alternate solutions to traditional DSL, cable modems, and fiber optic cable connection.
Streakwave carries a very diverse catalogue of wireless products and services in many different markets. "Streakwave prides itself on representing only the top wireless manufacturers," said Brent Hickman, Tranzeo Channel Manager, "we felt it was a natural progression for them to begin carrying Tranzeo equipment. Their wireless expertise and industry knowledge will be a great asset to Tranzeo and Tranzeo product users."
"Tranzeo's WiFi based products, will complement the complete line of indoor and outdoor broadband products offered by Streakwave." Said Carl Moberg President and CEO of Streakwave, "All of the Streakwave Sales Engineers / Account Managers are very excited to offer Tranzeo products."
About Distributorships: A distributor of our products is typically a vendor specializing in the distribution of professional, wireless data communication products. Our distributors are committed to minimum yearly volumes of $546,000 US per year in order to maintain their distributorship rights. They are required to meet our standards of excellence, have a high level of technical understanding of RF products and wireless data networks. They must also have the capability to provide training and first-tier customer support to Wireless Internet service providers. As of October 31, 2005, we have nine distributors, four in the United States, three in Europe, one in Brazil, and one in the Middle East.
About Tranzeo: Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc. (TSX:TZT) has emerged as an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-speed wireless broadband communication systems globally. Our continued commitment to design excellence and years of experience provide our clients with industry-specific wireless Point-to-Point and Point to Multi-Point solutions. We offer the most technically advanced wireless Broadband communication equipment available in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz Wireless spectrums and employ direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technology for robust connectivity and long-range performance. Simplicity of use, ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness are the benefits of our solutions. Installation is quick and easy. Network Managers can easily connect office buildings, campuses and remote sites. The Wireless network is operational in a fraction of the time it takes to cable and install traditional wired networks and can be remotely monitored and configured from anywhere in the world. For more information on our wireless solutions, go to www.tranzeo.com
About Streakwave, Inc:
Streakwave Wireless Inc, is a Global Value Added Distributor based in San Jose, CA and is proud to offer a complete line of wireless solutions from the top tier manufacturers. Streakwave offers equipment which utilizes both licensed and licensed free bands available for public use. Solutions include; Point to Point back hauls, Point to Multipoint systems for WISPs, and all other types of applications. Streakwave serves the Educational, Government, Corporate, Healthcare, Security and Consumer markets.
Streakwave Wireless has technology specialists who assist our customers with design and layout of networks, trouble shooting, site surveys and training. We also have dedicated Account Managers that are available to answer questions, take your orders and provide the level of customer service necessary to give you a superior wireless experience. Streakwave Wireless believes in outstanding customer service and we have built a quality team that will exceed the needs of our customers.
Forward Looking Statements
This press release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements relate to, among other things, plans and timing for the introduction or enhancement of our services and products, revenues, and other expectations. These statements reflect our current expectations and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, changes in technology and changes in the wireless data communications market.
For further information please contact:
Matt Johansen (Investor relations)
Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.
Phone: (604) 460-4452
Email: mjohansen@tranzeo.com

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