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Webinar: Haunted by Power Surges? Applications for Last-Mile Wireless Communications

Discover vital strategies for safeguarding your last-mile wireless communications from power surges and outages. Join our expert webinar and learn how to protect your network against disruptions and ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Register now for essential insights and best practices.

Nobody thinks their computer network will be damaged by power surges and outages. But with U.S. electricity customers experiencing an average of 8 hours of power outages a year, one-third of it from lightning strikes, the potential for damage to your critical electronics is real. It is certainly worth spending a few minutes to learn how you can safeguard your network from costly disruptions.

Join us on October 31st at 9 am PDT for a crucial webinar that addresses this very concern. In this enlightening session, our expert engineer and surge protection specialist, Jason Mies, will provide essential steps to protect your network's AC, DC, RF, and data lines. Jason is a distinguished member of our team at PolyPhaser and Transtector, renowned leaders in surge protection solutions, offering same-day shipping for your convenience.

Don't miss this opportunity to fortify your network against potential power surge threats. Register now to learn best practices for network protection and ensure your network remains resilient in the face of disruption. We look forward to your participation!

Haunted by Power Surges? Applications for Last-Mile Wireless Communications

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