Webinar Follow Up: White Label Networking—A Closer Look at Plasma Cloud's Device to Dashboard Solutions

Discover white-label networking solutions in our Plasma Cloud and Streakwave webinar. Learn about customizable hardware for MSPs and service providers.

Streakwave recently hosted a webinar with Marek Lindner, director at Plasma Cloud, to discuss the benefits of white-labeling for service providers and MSPs. The webinar spotlighted Plasma Cloud's white label device to dashboard cloud-managed solutions that allow businesses to maintain brand control.

The webinar presented a detailed look at Plasma Cloud's product offerings, tailored for a variety of sectors including hospitality, retail, restaurants, and education. Plasma Cloud highlighted the simplicity of their white label devices. Showcasing their unbranded devices to fully customized hardware and software, designed to meet diverse client requirements.

The webinar included a live demonstration of the customization process and the straightforward and client-friendly nature of Plasma Cloud's solutions.

As a North American distributor for Plasma Cloud, Streakwave is positioned to bring Plasma Cloud’s innovative solutions to a broader market, reinforcing their shared vision for accessible and customizable wireless networking.

Through its partnership with Plasma Cloud, Streakwave demonstrates its commitment to delivering a comprehensive range of wireless broadband, networking, and backhaul solutions for our customers. Streakwave's dedication to exceptional customer service is exemplified by their promise to provide expert technical advice and support, ensuring the success of their clients in the field of wireless connectivity.

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