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Discover the Future of Communication: Join Our Epygi Cloud PBX Webinar

Discover Epygi's cloud PBX on May 16th! Learn to streamline communications and boost efficiency in our interactive webinar.

On May 16th at 2 PM Eastern, join us for an enlightening webinar on the latest advancements in cloud-based communication solutions presented by Epygi and hosted by Streakwave. This informative session is essential for IT managers, integrators, and anyone interested in an enhanced communication infrastructure.


 Our upcoming webinar will delve into the innovative features and robust capabilities of Epygi’s cloud PBX system, designed to streamline communication processes and improve operational efficiency. We will explore the extensive benefits of integrating cloud PBX solutions into your business environment, focusing on the Epygi ecQX cloud PBX and ecMON cloud monitoring services.


Key Highlights Include:

  • Introduction to Cloud PBX: Understand the core functionalities and advantages of switching to a cloud-based PBX system. We'll cover the basics, making it easy even for newcomers to grasp the potential impacts on their business processes.
  • Detailed Product: Learn about the features and benefits of the ecQX cloud PBX and the ecMON monitoring platform. Additionally, explore the added features and solutions and how they can be tailored to meet various business needs.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Have your questions answered directly by Epygi’s experts. This session is a great opportunity to discuss specific concerns or scenarios relevant to your business needs.
  • Success Stories and Use Cases: See existing customers who have transformed their communication systems with Epygi’s solutions. Learn about different applications across industries such as healthcare, education, and hospitality.
  • 30 Day Free Trial System Offered for Attendees: Participants will have access to a free 30 day system trial to see the cost-effective opportunity to upgrade their existing systems.

 Epygi’s cloud solutions offer a flexible, scalable, and secure alternative to traditional telephony that can adapt to the evolving needs of any business. With add-on features like MS Teams integration, CRM connectivity, and advanced call center functionalities, Epygi is paving the way for future communication technologies.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing system or curious about what cloud PBX can do for you, this webinar is a must-attend event. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn about this cloud communication system and strategies.

 Register today and be part of the conversation that could redefine how you adopt this platform to improve you customers communications.

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