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New UniFi G5 Ultra Cameras

Ubiquiti as released two new ultra-compact cameras with radically optimized form factors and with an exceptional value.

Introducing the G5 Dome Ultra and G5 Turret Ultra: smart security in a small package. These new cameras blend into any environment, ensuring comprehensive coverage where you need it most.

UniFi G5 Ultra Cameras

The G5 Dome Ultra is designed for critical indoor monitoring, offering clear images even in varied lighting. The G5 Turret Ultra, built for exterior environments, stands up to the elements while maintaining vigilance over your outdoor spaces. Each camera integrates with your existing system to provide comprehensive monitoring without intruding on the aesthetics of your space.


Introducing the G5 Dome Ultra Camera

With its ultra-compact size and custom Flush Mount accessory for truly low-profile installations, the G5 Dome Ultra is perfect for securing indoor areas.


G5 Dome Ultra


Ultra-compact and tamper-resistant 2K HD PoE camera with night vision designed for low-profile indoor security.

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Introducing the G5 Turret Ultra Camera

The G5 Turret Ultra combines exceptional image quality, night vision range, and durability into one compact design for unparalleled versatility.



G5 Turret Ultra


Ultra-compact, tamper-resistant, and weatherproof 2K HD PoE camera with long-range night vision.




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