Product Announcements

Introducing Ubiquiti airMAX Titanium

Explore Ubiquiti's airMAX Titanium: advanced airMAX BaseStations with enhanced performance. Pre-order now for robust, scalable network solutions.

airMAX Titanium has been designed to offer operators higher-end performance and features for airMAX infrastructure deployments. Featuring a faster processor, airMAX Titanium Rockets can provide up to 20% faster performance. Advanced RF isolation and variable antenna beamwidth allow for operators to build more robust and scalable airMAX PtMP networks.

Rocket Titanium

Rocket™ Titanium is the most powerful airMAX BaseStation to date. It features 802.3af compliant PoE (Power over Ethernet), gigabit Ethernet, a GPS receiver, advanced RF shielding, and a faster processor that can provide up to a 20% increase in performance.

Bullet Titanium

The Bullet™ Titanium features an RF shielded enclosure and a watertight Ethernet connector. It can instantly transform any antenna into a carrier-class radio system. PoE and Right Angle Adapter included.

These products have been announced by Ubiquiti Networks and will be shipping as released by Ubiquiti.  You can pre-order from Streakwave Wireless Inc. at the above links.  If you have questions about these products or any other Ubiquiti products please contact your Streakwave Account Manager or call (888) 604-5234.

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