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Seamless Connectivity for Multi-Dwelling Units from EnGenius

Enhance your MDU's network with EnGenius's comprehensive solutions and Streakwave's expertise. Explore options tailored for seamless connectivity.

Enhanced Connectivity Solutions for High-Density MDUs

MDUs require specialized connectivity solutions to exceed tenants' high expectations and the high-density coverage demands required in this type of living situation. Upgrade your building's connectivity with our reliable, high-speed solutions, perfect for dense environments and multiple devices. Safeguard your network for happy and connected residents.


The challenge in MDUs is to provide a network that's not just operational but optimized for a diverse range of needs. EnGenius's product range is designed with these unique demands in mind, ensuring residents and businesses have access to robust, consistent connectivity.

Comprehensive Solutions with EnGenius: Uncover the potential of your MDU's network with the EnGenius MDU Solution Guide. This resource is crafted to help you navigate the complexities of connectivity in densely populated environments.

EnGenius offers a robust lineup for MDU network infrastructure.

Discover the right solutions with Streakwave and ensure your network is a robust, integral part of your property's appeal. Here are the recommended selection of products to build out your MDU network.  

Wi-Fi Access Points

Deliver high-efficiency and performance, ensuring fast, reliable in-room connectivity.




Outdoor Access Points

Provide durable connectivity, suitable for outdoor or harsh environments.




Multi-Gigabit Layer 2 Switches

Offer PoE capabilities, streamlining the power and connection of multiple devices.



Cloud Managed PoE Switches

Feature extensive management capabilities, ideal for larger, more complex networks.




Fiber Switch

Ensures high-speed, long-distance connectivity.



Cloud Managed Switchable Smart PDU

Power Management with Real-time Monitoring and Analysis




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