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Build your 60GHz Network with Cambium's cnWave Starter Kit

Starter kit designed to get network operators up and running with Cambium's 60GHz cnWave products.

Upgrade your network to high-speed connectivity with Cambium Network's cnWave Starter Kit, an entryway to pioneering 60 GHz technology. More than just speed, this platform revolutionizes wireless networking with unparalleled reliability and efficiency. It's the perfect choice for spanning urban landscapes or rural areas, offering a powerful solution to establish a robust, high-capacity network. Especially curated for newcomers in the 60GHz spectrum, this offer allows you to quickly harness gigabit performance at a remarkably low entry cost.


To secure your kit, register at Cambium's website. Note that the offer is exclusive to one kit per Network Operator, targeting those who have not previously explored 60 GHz technology. Assistance is readily available for those considering a subsequent expansion to a distributed network.

The Starter Kit is thoughtfully assembled to provide a seamless introduction to the 60 GHz spectrum. The package includes:

  • 1 — V5000 Distribution Node: Central to managing network traffic, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
  • 2 — V3000 Client Nodes with High-Gain Antennas: Designed for extended reach without compromising on speed.
  • 2 — V2000 Client Nodes: Specifically for dense urban settings, delivering substantial service capacity.
  • 2 — V1000 Client Nodes: Optimal for crowded, short-range areas, maintaining consistent performance.
  • Essential Accessories: From power supplies to mounting brackets for a seamless setup.
  • 90 Days of cnMaestro X: Advanced management tool offering detailed insights and streamlined troubleshooting.

Deployment Diagram

This kit supports versatile network configurations, catering to both simple and complex deployment needs.

The cnWave Starter Kit represents a significant leap in wireless broadband technology, offering a unique chance to experience top-tier 60 GHz connectivity. This offer is a gateway to upgrading your network infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions. Embrace the future of wireless networking today with the cnWave Starter Kit. 

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