Friday, August 28, 2020

(Webinar Replay): Baicells - Base Station Setup and Configuring with SAS | September 16, 2020

Join us for a live technical webinar with Baicell experts Nitisha Potti and Yunfeng Jiang as they are going to take a deep dive into Baicells base stations and walk you through a step-by-step approach showing you how easy it is to configure and get the radios set up with SAS!

Come ready to learn and equipped with questions in this highly technical walkthrough that will give you some great insight into the technical workings of these powerful LTE base stations:

Different configurations to get eNBs to start talking to the SAS portal
Different kinds of registration steps and what they mean
Features that are available for Baicells eNBs when using SAS

Monday, August 3, 2020

(Webinar Replay): Introduction to SoundVision Technologies and their Pro A/V Brands

Streakwave Wireless has partnered with SoundVision Technologies adding their brands; TruAudio, VSSL, Unified Copper, and Forge to our distribution lineup. Each of these brands are uniquely positioned and have the products dealers require to build premier sound systems that blend easily into environmental d├ęcor throughout homes and businesses all while still delivering unforgettable, life-like sound. 

Introduction to SoundVision Technologies to learn: 
  • Pro A/V brands
  • Audio amplifiers, speakers and accessories 
  • SoundVisions family of products
  • How to stream music easily 

(Webinar Replay): Turbocharge your WiFi – How to use MetaGeek's Product Selection Tool | August 13, 2020

MetaGeek's industry-leading WiFi tools have helped network professionals more efficiently deploy and maintain wireless networks.

We invite you to join us in an upcoming webinar with MetaGeek where they will demonstrate how the hardware and software in their product portfolio can be used for different WiFi troubleshooting needs, how to increase performance and a live demonstration of each tool in action:

Which tools to choose
When to use Chanalyzer
Advanced packet capture analysis with Eye P.A
When to consider Wi-Spy Air mobile version