Monday, April 9, 2018

SAF Webinar: Portable Spectrum Analyzer – Learn how to maximize link performance

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Tue Apr 24 9-10am
Thurs Apr 26 3-4pm
Wed May 2 1-2pm
Fri May 4 10-11am 

Why Attend:

Learn how your team can deploy Spectrum Compact to optimize your network for maximum data throughput, quickly resolve technical challenges, increase productivity and positively affect the bottom line for your organization. 

Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with spectrum analyzers. We tend to think of powerful, lab grade tools that are bulky, prohibitively expensive, and very difficult to use unless you’re an RF expert. Or, we think of an app on our phone or the built-in spectrum analyzers in point to point radios. They work OK, and some have a really nice interface that we find useful. However, the inherent limitations regarding accuracy and noise floor performance limit their effectiveness. With Spectrum Compact, SAF has turned the whole idea of what a spectrum analyzer is and where you can make use of one on its head. As a company founded on microwave backhaul, we’ve thought through the benefits, limitations, technological and financial barriers to owning and using spectrum analyzers for field use. Spectrum Compact is a tool that breaks through those barriers and is revolutionary as it relates to the day to day work of the microwave field engineer.