Thursday, May 28, 2015

(Webinar Replay): Cambium ePMP North America | June 9th, 2015

Streakwave Webinars Presents: Cambium ePMP (North America) - Wireless Broadband Technology for Today and Tomorrow

Streakwave Webinars is pleased to present: Cambium Networks – ePMP for North America. This informative Webinar will provide an overview of the ePMP Series of wireless broadband products in the unlicensed spectrum from Cambium Networks. This powerful wireless communications series of products is built with outstanding technology and features at prices that allow SMB's, projects, service providers and more to thrive.

ePMP products bring a wealth of radio development history and some cutting edge functionality. Learn about its development, current offering, and roadmap. Learn about colocation noise/interference mitigation, use of GPS, and ease of deployment in diverse applications and use with QoS, and all types of needs.

If you are deploying in an environment that requires a lot of clients, ePMP can be your solution. If you are deploying on a tower that is densely populated with radios, ePMP can be your solution. With low latency, consistent throughput, and a wide-range of modes of operation, ePMP is not only the choice, but the easy and reliable choice.

Learn from the experts about how this equipment can be used in your project or application or on your network. This free Webinar will provide a wealth of information and choices.

Join us for this lively Webinar along with a digital Question and Answer session. Streakwave Webinars is pleased to present Cambium Network as another in its series of product and technology overviews. Please register today as space is limited!

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