Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Introducing Mimosa Now at Streakwave Wireless

Introducing Mimosa at Streakwave

Mimosa Networks is a pioneer in gigabit wireless technology. Mimosa uses a comprehensive “Cloud to Client” strategy, bringing disruptive technology advancements to every layer of the Internet access network to make wireless a scalable solution for every type of community worldwide. Mimosa wants to change the wireless world by building technology capable of outrageous throughput, next level interference avoidance and more subscribers per AP.

Higher order MIMO and advanced spectrum technology is at the heart of every product Mimosa offers, and our first radio is an excellent example of that focus. The B5 Backhaul is a 4x4:4 MIMO backhaul that operates from 5150-5850 Mhz and is capable of 1 Gbps throughput and the reliability of fiber. Mimosa highly engineers our products to, in essence, multiply spectrum, leveraging coordinated Massive MIMO technology to allow collocated radios to deliver an astonishing 16 MIMO streams, 4 Gbps throughput, all while sharing the same channel.

The Mimosa B5 introduces an entirely new set of features never before seen in the outdoor wireless market:
  • Advanced Colocation – the B5 radio makes the most of available spectrum. Using both GPS and GLONASS to maximize satellite sync through precision timing as well as sophisticated RF isolation techniques, the B5 radio offers maximum spectrum re-use for colocated devices.
  • Auto Everything – the first radio to offer real-time spectrum analysis without service interruption. The B5 radio automatically optimizes bandwidth, frequency and power use based on historical and real-time data – allowing the radio to immediately adapt to any environmental change.
  • Dual Link – actively load balances across two non-contiguous channels to provide unprecedented resiliency against interference.
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