Thursday, July 17, 2014

Streakwave Webinars Presents: Tycon Systems Remote Power Systems


Join us for a Webinar      

Streakwave Webinars is pleased to present Tycon Systems (Tycon Power and Tycon Wireless - Tycon Systems) covering vital remote power systems options, field solutions for power, and wireless bridging using remote or campus oriented systems.  Tycon Power is a major provider of alternative power choices and related equipment for the fixed wireless broadband industry.

If you are a VAR, integrator, solution or service provider or specialized self-maintained end-user seeking ways to place remote AP's, base stations, IP security cameras, M:M or other monitoring devices or controller, or just have a creative need for access to remote power, this complementary Webinar is for you.

Learn about available systems and their capacities. Learn the differences between using solar, wind, and battery back-up (such as UPS).  Learn about remote or in-field deployment.  What choices are there in powering methods?  Learn about PoE, enclosures, mounts and different wireless bridging options.

Tycon Systems is a Winner of Utah Best of State 2014 and a Winner of INC5000 Fastest Growing Companies 2013

Join us for this educational overview Webinar.  This is another in a series of Webinars presented by Streakwave Wireless Inc., distributor to the industry. We look forward to having you present at this Webinar.

This webinar is available to view here