Friday, July 19, 2013

New Vendor Announcement - PingBrother

PingBrother is a manufacturer of cost effective, industrial passive POE switch (PSE) products, that can work with a wide range of low voltage inputs and can distribute its input power to any standard or non-standard POE device. The POE output power can be fully managed either manually, remotely over the network, scheduled, or by its own built-in control system which allows full user scripting. It also works as an IP watchdog, or intervenes when there is a change in input voltage, current or temperature. Automatic log entries and/or email notification can be made about these events and responses. It is a great and cost-effective multifunctional tool for unattended network devices such as IP cameras, Wi-fi radios, VOIP devices and switches, especially those which have a POE support. By manually deactivating the POE function, PingBrother can control any non-POE device by its relay contact outlets.
Featued Products

Part #



60W POE Switch 4 Ports 15W Max


120W POE Switch 4Ports 30W 2x TempSensor


120W POE Switch 4 Ports 30W POE IN/OUT