Friday, July 19, 2013

New Vendor Announcement - PingBrother

PingBrother is a manufacturer of cost effective, industrial passive POE switch (PSE) products, that can work with a wide range of low voltage inputs and can distribute its input power to any standard or non-standard POE device. The POE output power can be fully managed either manually, remotely over the network, scheduled, or by its own built-in control system which allows full user scripting. It also works as an IP watchdog, or intervenes when there is a change in input voltage, current or temperature. Automatic log entries and/or email notification can be made about these events and responses. It is a great and cost-effective multifunctional tool for unattended network devices such as IP cameras, Wi-fi radios, VOIP devices and switches, especially those which have a POE support. By manually deactivating the POE function, PingBrother can control any non-POE device by its relay contact outlets.
Featued Products

Part #



60W POE Switch 4 Ports 15W Max


120W POE Switch 4Ports 30W 2x TempSensor


120W POE Switch 4 Ports 30W POE IN/OUT

Monday, July 1, 2013

MikroTik MUM United States, St. Louis, MO September 19-20, 2013

General Information

MikroTik is happy to announce the annual MikroTik User Meeting in USA (St. Louis), September 19-20, 2013

Purpose of the Meeting

MikroTik Router operating system and software offer a new and exciting alternative to traditional brand name router solutions. This will be a meeting that will present strategies for deploying new and innovative MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBoard hardware applications.
Also don't miss the training before MUM, that's two events at the same place!

Dates of Events

  1. Training before MUM is a separate event, MUM registration price does not include Training! Training will be conducted by our training partners
  2. Welcome cocktail will be held the evening before MUM (Sept 18, from 6.00PM)
  3. MUM conference will take place on Sept 19, from 8:00AM


Official language ENGLISH

Entry Price

Free registration is offered, to get your free ticket - click "REGISTER" on the right side of this page! If you wish to also receive a free RouterOS license, and free lunch - Entry price is $50 (US), register now!. Registration is mandatory in either case, free participation also requires online registration. Ask your favorite distributor for MUM entry coupons! Paying attendees will also receive free RouterOS license, but only if they attend the Event

Meeting Venue

Information on where MUM takes place is in the accomodation section

Internet Access

There is wireless Internet access available, it's free of charge.

Who Should Attend

  • Corporate network engineers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Companies with MikroTik related products and services

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Where and how MikroTik RouterOS is being used
  • New plans for enterprise routing applications
  • Innovative ideas and strategies
  • New opportunities for MikroTik products and services

Guest Lectures

See agenda please

Free Registration

please note that if you use the free registration, you will not qualify for the free RouterOS license and Lunch. You will get a free T-Shirt just like all other visitors.


Please, note that organizers cannot provide any type of insurance for participants. Participants of the Symposium are recommended to arrange individual insurance.


Symposium participants are kindly suggested to contact the appropriate embassy in their countries to check whether an entry visa is required
If other kind of Visa is required, please contact a local travel agent to organize the trip. Mikrotik will not provide any assistance or invitations for obtaining a visa

Delegate Identification

Admission to meeting sessions and other events will be permitted only to those wearing the official meeting badge (name tag) that will be generated at online registration. Print the badge before your travel, and bring it with you when arriving at Check-In
We reserve the right to refuse registration and admission to any person without assigning any reason


Only people who actually attend the MUM presentations are qualified for Free licenses and T-shirts, if offered. Availability is limited, first come/first serve.

For exhibitors

You are able to reserve an exhibitor table space to present your MikroTik related products at the MUM. You will be provided with a table (5'x30") with two chairs and one power strip. If you don't want to use the table, you can build your stand not bigger than the area occupied by the table and chairs. Contact sales[at] for more info

Guest Presentations

Focus of the user meeting is a comprehensive range of talks about using MikroTik products in various environments and applications. Furthermore, space will be provided for resellers and consultants to put up their own stand or host a discussion table.
MikroTik is the organizer of these events, providing the users with an opportunity get together and learn more from each other.
Following the success of prior MUMs, we cordially invite proposals of presentations to the MUM. Presentations are welcome from users of MikroTik software and hardware who wish to share their knowledge and experience of using MikroTik products for various networking needs.


We are looking for contributions about the following topics.
  • Wireless networking
  • User authentication and accounting
  • Dynamic routing
  • Network design
  • Bandwidth management and QoS
  • Security
  • Systems Administration and Networks
  • Any other MikroTik related topic

Submitting Contributions

Registration and submission of contributions is via e-mail to support[at] For participating in the Call for Papers, you will have to submit a short abstract, as well as a detailed description. To have the presentation at the MUM and qualify for the bonus from MikroTik, you will also need to submit slides for your talk to be put on the wiki page.

Length of the Contributions

The abstract should summarize the planned content of the talk in a precise and succinct way. We do not place a limit on its length. Please include full name(s) and a short description about the presenter(s).
The talks should take no more than 60 minutes, in order to allow some time for questions and for preparing the stage for the following speaker. Shorter presentations are possible, please let us know approximate time you would require, you can specify this when registering for the MUM
We can accept longer contributions in special cases; we ask for a justification for the longer extent in this case.
We will publish presentation slides only in PDF format and therefore ask you to refrain from using animations.
Contributions are selected based on their content by a program committee. Please understand that we cannot accept all contributions, depending on the number and quality of the submissions.