Thursday, March 28, 2013

Streakwave Announces New Product Line - RF Armor

RF Armor, LLC is a producer of Carrier Class RF shielding products designed for the Ubiquiti (UBNT) MIMO product line to help reduce the front to back noise ratio, eliminate collocation interference, greatly reduce foreign/hostile interference, allow for better channel planning, and protect the Rocket and Jumpers from the debris, pests and other elements. The RF Armor line substantially improves performance by providing a lower noise floor with higher sustainable air rates with fewer errors. Featuring marine-grade aluminum, their shield kits have been created with both durability and quality in mind to last throughout the years. - See more at:

Here’s what customers are saying about RF Armor:

"We got a 3 dB signal improvement with this shielding kit, higher data rate and most important the clients bandwidth doubled."

"I couldn't believe how well made these things are made, Is a super good fit and make for a really sturdy mount, Oh and it's also good at blocking out other RF's, well worth it."

"Like some others, I have to admit I was slightly skeptical about these units when I first heard about them two years ago. However, since using them we will never go back. They definitely reduce noise, boost the operational efficiency of the sectors, and protect the radio and connectors from the weather. Highly recommend!"