Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hana Wireless Launches New Line of Enclosures and Antennas

Hana Wireless Launches New Line of Enclosures and Antennas

Streakwave Wireless is pleased to announce the addition of new products from Hana Wireless. Hana Wireless is dedicated to bringing innovative and affordable broadband solutions for the broadband industry and those who use broadband equipment. Hana Wireless provides a excellent mix of quality components for both indoor and outdoor wired and wireless broadband solutions. Streakwave will stock and distribute Hana’s new lines of: NEMA enclosures, antennas, as well as mounts, adapters, power supplies including PoE, and pre-made jumper cables. Hana Wireless has indicated that additional lines of products are forthcoming.

If you have taken "the Road to Hana" then you know it has many twists and turns, but the view is fantastic. Hana Wireless supplies you with the products to fit a wide-range of solutions. Streakwave is pleased to announce the new Hana line-up of products which complement the Streakwave offering and giving customers new tools at a great price-points.

If you require weatherproof enclosures that will work with today's popular wireless radios; or, seek connectorized antennas to customize your solution with the right signal; or, just need the infrastructure and accessory products that finish the job, look to Hana Wireless.
Hana Wireless and Streakwave are dedicated to having the right choices of parts to make a real difference in the outcome of your wireless broadband communications project and achieve results within budget. Products are designed to meet standards comparable to other major manufacturers and used around the world with truly affordable prices.

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The ability to choose from a variety of equipment at affordable prices provides professionals many options. Call your Streakwave Wireless Account Representatives today at: 888-604-5234 or visit to learn more about Hana Wireless products and solutions. See more information about Hana Wireless and its new lines at:

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