Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4G World 2010

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4G World 2010 – The Transformative Year

The entire wireless ecosystem is experiencing change at an unprecedented accelerating rate.  Fueled by the explosive growth of the mobile Internet, broadly available content and enabled by ever more powerful mobile devices, wireless operators are faced with the increasing challenges of balancing user expectations and demands and investments in next generation technologies.

This unprecedented growth requires that operators reassess business models and pricing structures as well as reevaluate access and network core capacities.  It also means that operators will need to rethink their network and device management strategies and their customer support systems. The next generation of content, applications and mobility from the office, to the road and the home is being enabled by femtocells and advancements in “connected homeâ€� networks.  Context and location awareness have now become critical elements of the mobile Internet.

To seize the opportunities made possible by 4G networks applications, developers, device manufactures and operators need to collaborate and examine new ways to create and monetize applications and content.  With the advent of broadband enabled mobile Internet, the legacy of operators’ “walled gardensâ€� is giving way to new business model of monetizing the network and its content.  Those who choose to put off change are sure to put off profits.  What are the options and what are the implications?

4G World 2010 provides the most complete view of opportunities, impacts and challenges that are being recognized throughout the mobile broadband industry.  It delivers the most effective platform to both learn about and showcase the products, solutions and services necessary to deliver in the next generation of mobile networks.

A thoughtfully designed program examines all aspects of infrastructure, including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+ and more.  This year’s conference program, complete with more than 175 speakers, includes case studies of operator strategies and deployments of 4G networks, including core and backhaul architectures, from around the globe.  Vertical applications such as M2M, Smart Grid solutions and more are covered along with emerging applications.  The 4G World conference program also examines the role of game changing technologies such a femtocells, VoLTE, cloud computing and more.  Ensuring a coplete view, 4G World 2010 includes discussions on 4G standards as well as regulatory matters.

Learn from the industry’s foremost thought leaders and innovators and those who are pioneered 4G deployments.  Network, develop business opportunities and create new alliances and partnerships with executives and decision makers from across industry and the world.

We look forward to seeing you at 4G World 2010!

Eliot Weinman
President, Yankee Group Events
Conference Founder and Chairman