Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Streakwave Wireless Expands into Two-Way Radio

Announcing 2WayOutlet.com and Streakwave as a Motorola Authorized Dealer

WPLN4212SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Two-way radio systems are vital in an emergency and for critical communications; fundamental in day-to-day business; and, essential for event management. It remains one of the most affordable and reliable technologies available and is an excellent match with today's wireless data communications demands. Streakwave Wireless, Inc., a premier wireless broadband products distributor, is now also an authorized Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer.
"The convergence of telecommunications services with broadband wireless technology facilitates mission critical objectives and day-to-day performance. Motorola's two-way radio platform provides real-time person-to-person and person-to-workforce communications. Our clients have asked us to provide two-way radio solutions to complement wireless broadband. By offering Motorola's two-way product lines, we are able to give our clients immediate access to meet demanding applications. We have in inventory, radios and accessory products so clients can obtain them when they need them and have them delivered quickly throughout the country," notes Carl Moberg, CEO of Streakwave Wireless.
Motorola is the leader in radio communications. Streakwave offers a portfolio of two-way radio products including radios, batteries, accessories, and services including programming, systems planning and design. "Two-way radio solutions from Streakwave are designed to be quality backed and value-oriented. We know the industry and can plan for applications including healthcare, construction, entertainment, educational, hospitality, government and more," noted Kim Heiner, Streakwave's director of two-way radio division and veteran with two-decades of two-way radio experience.
"Two-way radio platforms must be reliable and portable. Systems can be expanded with growth and applications added as required. It is great that the investment required to have sound communications is low and flexibility high. Clearly we chose Motorola for these reasons. They are time tested, rugged, and has an outstanding record of service and features," notes Heiner.
"There is a good fit between voice and data communications. If you are a wireless Internet service provider, you can access your trucks or your towers, align antennas, or fix problems in almost every location. If you are a business with resources deployed in the field, two-way affords a means of immediate contact with them or a dispatch center. Radio expands networks of communication affordably and effectively in complementary ways to all wireless data and cellular solutions," Mr. Moberg added. Streakwave announced the expansion of its business to include two-way radio today along with the unveiling of a new website: http://www.2wayoutlet.com to showcase the products and has incorporated products on its headquarters website: http://www.streakwave.com.