Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sputnik, Ubiquiti, and Streakwave Partnership

San Francisco - June 18, 2008 - Sputnik®, a leading provider of software for venue-branded, access-controlled Wi-Fi, Ubiquiti Networks, a leading innovator in wireless broadband solutions, and Streakwave Wireless, a leading value-added distributor for wireless broadband solutions and related products, today announced that Ubiquiti PowerStation 2/5 and NanoStation 2/5 wireless platforms will support Sputnik software.
Streakwave will demonstrate the Ubiquiti PowerStation and NanoStation wireless platforms integrated with Sputnik software at HITEC 2008 June 16-19 in Austin, Texas. The Ubiquiti PowerStation is a versatile 802.11-based indoor/outdoor wireless platform with exceptional radio and antenna design. The NanoStation is an inexpensive 802.11-based indoor/outdoor wireless platform that combines a high-gain four-antenna system and advanced radio architecture, allowing extremely high throughput, stability, and price-performance. Both now run the Sputnik Agent (as part of DD-WRT firmware), enabling them to work in conjunction with the SputnikNet web application for easy-to-deploy, centrally managed, access-controlled networks such as hotspots or hotzones. SputnikNet, a subscription service, gives Wi-Fi providers the ability to manage end-user access, branding, and security, as well as remotely monitor and manage one or many PowerStations and NanoStations.
"Sputnik and Ubiquiti bring best-of-breed Wi-Fi management software and hardware together in a groundbreaking solution for hospitality, transportation, retail, and other high-growth markets," said Ryan McKenzie, VP National Accounts, Streakwave Wireless.
"Ubiquiti products are designed as open platforms to enable third-party developers to build wireless applications," said Ben Moore, Vice President, Business Development, Ubiquiti Networks. "We're excited that Sputnik's innovative management software is now available for our PowerStation and NanoStation product lines."
"Sputnik's relationship with Streakwave is part of our strategy to build channel partnerships that offer expert one-stop-shopping for managed Wi-Fibusiness solutions," said Dave LaDuke, Sputnik founder and CEO."Sputnik plus Ubiquiti provides breakthrough price-performance and flexibility for managed hotspots and hotzones."
Sputnik's customer base has already begun to deploy Sputnik-powered Ubiquiti devices, which were characterized as "rock solid" by Chad Raphael, Chief Technology Officer at Cedar Heart Wireless, Inc.
Pricing and availability
The Sputnik-powered Ubiquiti PowerStation 2 and PowerStation 5 are available now through and at $169 and $179 respectively.The Sputnik-powered Ubiquiti NanoStation 2 and NanoStation 5 will be available within 60 days and be priced at $99 and $119 respectively. These prices include activated DD-WRT Professional firmware which separately starts at approximately $29.50 per license.

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