Thursday, May 8, 2014

Promotion: The Tranzeo Solution - Proven High Performance

High Performance, Proven and Widely Installed – The Tranzeo Solution

Have you tried Tranzeo lately?  If not, now is a great time.  When you care about assuring your radio equipment is sound and can do the job, Tranzeo is a proven solution. 

Tranzeo designs, tests and builds their own high-performance outdoor wireless network equipment in North America in their facilities.  Tranzeo is an award winning company acknowledged for excellently designed products with high performance and low maintenance.

Get Some Gear Quickly at Exceptional Prices - Only in May 2014
  • TR-5a-20 Buy now at $150 per unit
  • TR-5a-24 Buy now at $175 per unit

Outdoor AP’s, Bridges, and CPE 
Try the TR-5a-20 5GHz with a 20 dBi antenna. This high power product can be configured as an AP/CPE or point-to-point bridge and provides full-band coverage including 5170 MHz to 5805 MHz. It has dual Ethernet ports which provides the ability to create daisy chains or attach security cameras. It has built-in routing features and tunneling protocol support.

The product has a 20 dBi panel integrated antenna system. Similarly, if you need greater coverage and distance, look to the TR-5a-24 5GHz model with a 24 dBi integrated panel antenna. It has the same robust features but higher gain.

Go where it can't be seen with 900MHz
Tranzeo offers a range of 900MHz indoor and outdoor solutions. 900MHz you get signal beyond line of sight. Check out the line at

MESH Opens Possibilities for Broadband Wireless 
If you need a cost-effective coverage solution, look to Tranzeo's Enroute Mesh series. With the unique "Tranzeo Wireless Fabric" network software Enroute gives you range, coverage and manageability.
  • EN505 is an AP in the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual bands
  • EN404 for 4.9GHz mesh solutions
  • EN524-15 or EN558-16 2.4GHz/5.8GHz AP's with interated panel antennas 

New Capital for a Bright Future 
Tranzeo recently announced a new alliance with Charlotte Resources Ltd. to provide additional resources for future growth and new R&D and product production.  The future is bright for Tranzeo Wireless. 
Made for the industry, their products are easy to install, configure and utilize. Tranzeo products are designed by wireless industry experts.  Tranzeo products hold an excellent warranty of up-to three years.  They stand-behind their products.   

For differing environmental deployments, Tranzeo products are IP67 rated and rugged making them excellent for adding to specifications in project jobs. 

Support, Real Support
If you are deploying a network that includes Tranzeo, use Tranzeo’s personal support. Tranzeo backs its products with up to a 3 year manufacturer warranty.
With Tranzeo, you can reach technical personnel who know the product and can assist you one-on-one with your deployment or learning about selling the product for an array of verticals.

Range of Outdoor Wireless Products
Choose from solid Wi-Fi outdoor products in 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.65 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz or MESH Networking and associated antennas and routing products.
Long Term Industry Supplier with Thousands Deployed
Tranzeo is a long-term industry company dating back to 2000. Tranzeo continues to supply cost-effective premium quality products worldwide with a vast amount of products in operation.  If you haven’t tried Tranzeo lately, why wait for the other guys, Tranzeo is in stock now.

In deployment, Tranzeo is a solid choice made by many wireless integrators and service providers in the industry who expect a truly reliable product that is feature rich and performs as it says it will.

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